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Artist's Statement

I am most attracted to works of art that are beautiful, well crafted, and tell compelling stories. For me to feel I have created a successful piece of art, I must achieve a balance between these three aspects: a strong narrative, technical mastery, and aesthetic harmony.  It is my belief that a certain level of skill and creativity can elevate a work to professional excellence, but that it shouldn’t end there. Art should move the soul of the viewer, and if I don’t find myself similarly moved while creating it, I can hardly expect that of the viewer.


Mark R. Pugh began creating art at a very young age but has only recently pursued it as a full time profession. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from UVU, Mark decide to develop his artistic skills with help from his mentor and cousin, Jeffrey Hein. Despite his short time as a working artist he has already received awards in some of the top art competitions in the world. His style infuses traditional realism with a surreal dreamlike quality that allows him to explore concepts of psychology and spirituality.